Accelerated Firearms Training unveils new Shooter Make Ready system

The Shooter Make Ready system includes targets and an app for a dry fire training experience. (Photo: Accelerated Firearms Training)

Accelerated Firearms Training launched an all new dry fire training system, Shooter Make Ready, designed to offer its users a complete dry fire setup.

The system utilizes a combination of laser firearm simulation, reactive scoring targets and an app to give its users real-time feedback on performance including speed and accuracy. The system also helps shooters work on sight picture visualization and shot groupings.

Shooter Make Ready, available for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, features full 360-degree training scenarios using six targets placed anywhere within a 50-foot radius. Four courses of fire challenge new or seasoned shooters offering Steel Training, Saturday Steel, React and Practical Shooting. The app also allows for Range Officer commands, start time signaling, par time and round counts to get a full training experience.

“Shooter Make Ready is ideal for personal defense, concealed carry, home defense, competition, law enforcement, military  and tactical training,” AFT said in a press release. “Serious training that’s seriously fun.”

Targets are available from AFT starting at $79 for one target. Users will need to supply their own laser SIRT laser pistol for use with the system. SIRT pistols start at $239.

Introduction To Shooter Make Ready

Shooter Make Ready is an innovative dry fire training tool created for shooters at all levels wanting to advance their skills.

Posted by Accelerated Firearm Training, LLC on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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