Machine Gunner Aaron Short shows us his guns (VIDEO)

Aaron Short, of Birmingham, Alabama, showed us the machine guns in his collection at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in October 2017.

Short attends the shoot twice a year along along with a group of friends, all who own their own machine guns. For three days, they hang out, shoot guns, eat and have a good time. Short doesn’t see any difference between a group of guys getting together to drive and work on their hot rods, and a group of guys getting together to shoot and work on their machine guns.

In Short’s gun collection was a Russian Maxim made in 1944. It had been cut up into a parts kit that Short put back together. As a manufacturer, he builds machine guns for police departments and other dealers. Attending Knob Creek gives him the chance to enjoy shooting some of his builds with other like-minded people.

One of Short’s favorite guns to shoot at the event is a super short AK-47 that is also super loud. During the night shoot, it spits out a two-foot flame.

Short has a ‘soft spot’ for FN-made guns. One such gun in his collection was a World War II FN made Browning BAR rifle. It’s a large gun that fires the powerful .30-06 cartridge.

His friend Tino brought an HK MP5 that was made before 1986. This means that it’s transferable – so he could sell it. According to Short, transferable guns are rare and worth a lot of money. The MP5 is well known from being used in films such as Die Hard.

Short loves the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. He sums up the event as basically a “whole weekend of everybody turning money into noise as quick as they can.”

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