Student hauls principal into federal court over gun t-shirt ban (VIDEO)

With the support of gun rights advocates, a Wisconsin freshman is suing his high school principal over the expression of his feelings for the Second Amendment.

John Koopman, the principal of Markesan High School, is named in a lawsuit filed this week by Matthew Schoenecker in Milwaukee’s federal district court. The subject? How Schoenecker was “chastised” by teachers and school administrators over his choice of t-shirts that included graphics of a variety of firearms and munitions. While the filing says the school has no overt policy banning clothing depicting firearms, Koopman reportedly told Schoenecker the images on his shirts were “inappropriate.”

The only choice to remain in school while wearing the t-shirts was to sit in what is termed “the Cubicle” where no instruction is offered. “I enjoy shooting, and I enjoy the Second Amendment, like the right to keep and bear arms,” Schoenecker told WISN.

The youth’s parents support his stance, arguing he is not violent. “It says LOVE on his shirt. Another one (says), ‘Celebrate diversity.’ There’s nothing in there saying he’s promoting violence whatsoever, which is what the principal said was the issue, that he was promoting violence at school,” said the teen’s mother, Pam Schoenecker.

The lawsuit, backed by Wisconsin Carry, argues the actions taken by the school violate Schoenecker’s First Amendment rights of free speech and his rights to due process.

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