Vertx adds new line of shirts designed for concealed carry

The new apparel includes Guardian long sleeve button down, left, Guardian short sleeves, middle, and Assessor polo, right. (Photo: Vertx, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Apparel maker Vertx announced a new line of shirts, the Guardian button-down and Assessor polo, specifically catering to the concealed carry market.

The Guardian and Assessor join Vertx’s VaporCore line, offering apparel “powered by 37.5 Technology.” The company said this tech is woven into the fabric which helps regulate the wearer’s core temperature. In addition the shirt’s feature WeaponGuard which protects wearers from skin irritation commonly caused by carrying concealed guns without an undershirt or layer between shirt and skin.

“Abrasion to the skin is a real problem for concealed carriers and wearing additional layers is not always an option,” said Justin Roberts, Vertx Brand Manager. “Our line of WeaponGuard shirts was designed in collaboration with end-users to develop a solution to this common challenge.”

The Gaurdian, pictured above, and Assessor are designed for ease of drawing. (Photo: Vertx)

The Guardian is a button-down shirt design with snap button closures at the bottom of the shirt for easy access to concealed firearms. The company also equipped the shirt with hidden body-side front plackets to allow for additional on-body space for additional tools.

Available in two solid colors and two plaid patterns, the shirt comes in both long and short sleeve configurations with a MSRP of $64 for short sleeves and $69 for long sleeves.

The Assessor is a polo style shirt that features a traditional design with a more athletic fit. The shirt was designed with underarm gussets for better range of motion and is styled for easy access of clearing and drawing concealed weapons. The Assessor comes in three colors — Heather Gray, Heather Navy and Heather Black — with a MSRP of $55.

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