California police defend homeowner who shot suspect

California authorities are defending the actions of a homeowner who shot an intruder trying to break-in through the front window.

“We’re glad when any homeowner protects themselves, that’s what they need to do in these situations,” said Hesperia Police Sgt. Marc Bracco. “That’s why you’re allowed to carry a firearm in your residence.”

The incident happened on March 30, when 36-year-old Michael Goode, tried to break-in to a home in Hesperia. But Goode was disrupted when the homeowner opened fire, striking Goode. In search of help, the suspect tried to ask a neighbor for help. When police arrived, they found Goode on the front yard of the home.

The homeowner was not hurt and will not be facing any charges. Goode was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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