Kicking the tires on Ruger's new Security 9 pistol (VIDEO)

Ruger’s 15+1 Security 9 mid-sized pistol is a new sub-$400 entry to the crowded field of polymer-framed pistols, but how does it shoot?

Dubbed the Security 9 in an ode to the classic Ruger Security-Six revolver of the 1970s and 80s, the newest double-stack in the company’s catalog has a four-inch barrel and 7.24-inch overall length. Unlike popular striker-fired competitors in the $379 MSRP neighborhood, the Security 9 uses a hammer-fired system evolved from the one found on the LCP and LCP-II line but includes both a bladed trigger safety and a manual frame-mounted safety among a host of features.

Tim with the Military Arms Channel takes one right out of the box in the above video and gives it some proper attention.

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