TWN Industries launches all new Virtus design

The Ekho is part of the new Virtus line from TWN Industries. (Photo: TWN)

TWN Industries announced five all new Virtus water transfer prints in what the company said is the “pairing of ancient art with modern science.”

The Virtus line includes the Ekho, Nyx, Talos, Delos and Tariis patterns with each created for specific shooter needs.

Using water transfer printing to move the designs to a firearm, the Virtus patterns have been fielded by industry professional in various fields to ensure a range of versatility. From special forces operators to professional riflemen, the patterns are crafted to withstand extreme conditions while raising the bar on concealment. The “cutting-edge concealment patterns” feature two dominant design characteristics, according to the company.

Another addition to the Virtus series is the brightly blue colored Delos. (Photo: TWN)

“The intricate metallic scaling and underlying three-color shading break up the user’s form, minimize detection and provide ruption at a distance,” TWN said in a news release.

Able to transfer to rifles, coolers, ATVs or other gear, the Virtus must be applied by a certified professional. TWN says interested consumers can find a local hydro dipping company via TWN’s website.

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