Zapping plates with a Ruger PC carbine in the hands of a 3Gun champ (VIDEO)

Corinne Mosher takes a spin on Ruger’s new pistol caliber carbine platform stoked with some extendo Glockazines and seems to dig it.

Ruger debuted the handly little blowback action 9mm, earlier this year and it is capable of accepting Ruger SR-series or the new Security-9 series pistol magazines right out of the box, while a Glock 9mm well is included for those who already have a stockpile of those mags, and Mosher is running one of the latter.

For those quiet moments or for those looking to add muzzle accessories, the barrel is standard 1/2-inch-28TPI threaded with a protector and, as it’s one of Taran Tactical’s range guns, the Glock 33-rounder is using one of TT’s PCC +5 base pads with a power spring and it is mated to a Taran Tactical QCB brake/compensator– if you were curious.

If you want something in a larger caliber, below is Mosher working some steel with a 5.56mm blaster.

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