StealthGear USA adds new color options to holster catalog

StealthGear USA adds new color schemes including a patriotically themed Stars and Stripes pattern. (Photo: StealthGear USA)

StealthGear USA brings more color to its holster inventory, debuting new patterns for concealed carriers looking to add some flare to their CC gear.

Stars and Stripes, Desert Camo and Digital Camo join the company’s already bursting color lineup. Appearing on SGUSA’s Ventcore as well as the SG-Liberty series, the new colors look to give gun toters more options when it comes to customization.

The company’s Ventcore line has been a popular one among concealed carrier due to its breathable backing. Available in appendix style, inside-the-waistband mini, inside-the-waistband standard and outside-the-waistband configurations, the Ventcore gives carriers the ability to tailor orientation and holster clips to user needs. The Ventcore retails for $79.

The new colors featured on SGUSA’s Shell Replacements. (Photo: StealthGear USA)

The SG-Liberty series houses SG-Revolution Build Kits as well as Shell Replacements. Offered in Standard IWB, Mini IWB and AIWB configurations, the SG-Revolution kits come with all necessary parts and hardware for users to build their own holster. Concealers have the choice of orientation, hardware and clips when ordering. The Revolution Build Kits are priced around $30.

The new patterns also appear on SGUSA’s Shell Replacements which give users the ability to swap between multiple firearms. MSRP on the Shell Replacements is $20.

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