Lever gun 'thuddy-thuddy' shootoff: Comparing Marlin and Winchester cowboy guns (VIDEO)

The Winchester 1894 and Marlin’s Model 336 are two iconic lever-action carbines that have a lot in common but are also very different.

With the 1894 having a heritage that includes a design by John Browning (originally for black power cartridges), it has about 50 years of legacy on the 336, which in turn was designed just after World War II. In contrasting the two, Paul Harrell takes a pair of borrowed guns in classic .30-30 WCF and puts them through a series of shooting drills.

Cue the purists who argue neither of these guns is available in their original format, but rather in Remlin and FN/WRAC versions, but hey…it is still an interesting video.

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