Testing the CMMG Mutant AK-AR marriage in a meltdown challenge (VIDEO)

CMMG’s Mutant series blends elements of both the brainchildren of Mikhail Kalashnikov and Eugene Stoner, but does that mean it can beat them in continuous fire?

To answer that question, Eric with IV8888 taps in a select-fire Mutant and a table full of ammo to find out by running it until it just won’t run anymore.

Ultimately (spoiler alert) the gas tube failed after about 1,255 rounds. Compared to a VEPR AK conversion they melted down which hit about the 800~ mark, and the Faxon direct gas ARs which chewed through about the same amount, the Mutant gives a good account of itself.

In the after-action report, it looks like everything is would still be good to go with a new gas tube, and the theory of Eugene Stoner intending the tube to be the “fuse” of the AR system somewhat validated.

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