Testing a .450 Marlin revolver against a minivan (VIDEO)

With a lineage that includes the .458 Win Mag, the .450 Marlin was meant for lever-action rifles but still delivers a big pill when fired from revolvers stout enough to accommodate.

In the above short from the VSO Gun Channel, they get their hand stung by the recoil of the .450 from a Magnum Research BFR single-action. Designed in 2000 by Marlin and Hornady, the cartridge was derived from the .458 2-inch American, a wildcat that itself came from the old .458 safari round.

But how does it work when using Hornady Lever Evolution 325-grain FTX loads in hunting minivan firewalls? No spoilers here, watch the vid to see if the bite is as bad as the bark on this pup.

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