Creedmoor Sports debuts five new brands, product lines

The Ridgeback Rifle Stock is one of the latest products to hit the Creedmoor Sports online catalogue. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Creedmoor Sports is expanding its inventory, announcing the launch of five new brands and product lines available through its website.

The latest lines include Edgewood Shooting Bags, Grayboe, Markron Custom Products, BarrelCool and the Trace 10 Gen2 Training Analysis System. Edgewood Shooting Bags introduces an array of front bags, spacers, leather stock protectors, hand rests and EDGEbags.

The Ridgeback, left, and Renegade, right, stocks. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Grayboe offers the Renegrade Rifle Stock and Ridgeback Rifle Stock. The Renegade utilizes a beavertail forearm that delivers a wider and flatter design for bench rest shooters while the Ridgeback is a composite stock crafted to support the M-LOK mounting system.

Markron Custom Products adds its Performance Action Lube, Performance Bore Oil, Bullet and Primer Seal, Primer Sealer Color Packs and Gun Stock Scratch Eraser to Creedmoor Sports catalogue. BarrelCool provides its Cooling & Empty Chamber Device and Mini Brass Drying Tray, designed by precision shooters and engineers for maximum accuracy and precision performance.

Finishing up the new goodies is the Trace 10 Gen2 Training Analysis System. The Trace 10 Gen 2 gives gun owners the ability to train at home — saving money on range fees and ammunition in addition to saving time traveling to and from a range. The setup records users shots, displaying their aiming path and stability in real time.

The Trace 10 system allows users to train at home. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

“For 39 years, our goal at Creedmoor Sports has been to serve the precision rifle community with the best products available, providing each shooter with what they need to shoot with confidence, whether that is at your home range or at large, nationally ranked matches,” Brent Books, sales and marketing manager for Creedmoor Sports, said in a press release. “We are proud to bring on these five new brand and product lines, each offering their own unique products that will improve the shooter’s experience.”

Each of the new products is currently available from Creedmoor Sports.

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