2A Armament supplies new titanium and steel Regulated Bolt Carriers for AR-15s

The Regulated Bolt Carrier comes in stainless steel and titanium models. (Photo: 2A Armament)

2A Armament divvies up some steel and titanium goodness with the introduction of its Regulated Bolt Carrier, created specifically for the AR-15 platform.

The lightweight steel and ultra-lightweight titanium tip the scales at 7.9-ounces and 5.9-ounces respectively. The Regulated Bolt Carrier delivers a fully adjustable design through the port door so AR-15 shooters no longer have to break down the rifle to make adjustments. The bolt carrier can be tweaked for all combinations of buffers, springs, suppressors and barrel lengths.

Adjustments to the bolt carrier can be made through the port door. (Photo: 2A Armament)

“While there are other bolt carriers for AR-15 rifles on the market, none other than the 2A Armament Regulated Bolt Carrier, utilize a gas-regulation gate that can be adjusted to run with an infinite number of setups of barrels, suppressors, springs and more,” 2A Armament said in a press release. “In fact, the Regulated Bolt Carrier will be the only one available like this for many years; until the patent runs out.”

At the moment, only AR-15 shooters can get their paws on the Regulated Bolt Carrier; however, the company has stated that it is working on a large frame version for the AR-10. No word yet on when that variant will drop.

The Regulated Bolt Carrier ships with a T-6 Torx tool for adjustments and is priced at $439.

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