Hobby divers run across guns in the Chattahoochee River (VIDEOS)

A trio of dive enthusiasts, each with their own YouTube channels, came across a series of firearms in Georgia while looking for “river treasure” and wound up helping area police in turn.

In the above video, Jake Koehler, Tristan Yaptengco, and Brandon Jordan start small, documenting finds in the shallow freshwater Chattahoochee River such as fishing lures and keys while bumping into turtles and snakes, then come across what looks like an encrusted M1A-style rifle with a rear sight cover on it.

This came just after they found what looks like a Ruger LCR revolver in an area canal, which was turned over to police.

The guns prompted local media coverage and, as the firearms ended up with Columbus Police, this led detectives to reach out to the group in recovering a suspected ditched firearm near an area bridge.

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