Ultradyne announces C4 Sighting System for rifles

The C4 Sights are built for rifles and tout a rugged design, according to Ultradyne. (Photo: Ultradyne)

Ultradyne expands its series of firearm related accessories, launching the new C4 Sighting System designed for the rifle platform.

Constructed to allow accurate shots at both close and extended ranges, the C4 Sights aim to alter the way in which shooters use iron sights. The system’s front sight post is fully-adjustable but remains safely tucked between the sight’s “protective ears.”

The folding C4 Sights offer circles on the front and rear aperatures and ears align instinctively when the rifle is shouldered. This feature, known as Dynalign, grants a consistent sight picture regardless of windage or elevation adjustments.

The C4 front sight, left, and rear sight, right, offer a folding style. (Photo: Ultradyne)

Built from 4140 steel and 7075 aluminum, the sights are protected with a salt-bath nitride and anodized finish for a rugged and durable design.

“C4 precision folding sights permanently changed my perception of what was possible without magnified optics. I was quickly making solid hits on small targets well beyond ranges I would have previously attempted,” Ultradyne commented in a news release.

The C4 Sight System is available from Ultradyne with the front sight retailing for $154 and the rear coming in at $129.


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