Sig Sauer launches new Sig 365 Elite Performance Ammunition (VIDEO)

The Sig 365 Elite Performance Ammunition offers a 9mm V-Crown, pictured above, in addition to a Sig FMJ load. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer announced a new addition to its ammunition lineup, unveiling the Sig 365 Elite Performance Ammunition in 115 grain 9mm Sig V-Crown and Sig FMJ loads.

Created for use in short barrel, concealed carry pistols, the Sig 365 ammo utilizes low-flash, clean burning powders. Offered in both jacketed hollow point and full metal jacket configurations, the Sig FMJ round is designed to shoot like the company’s V-Crown JHP, with the same recoil, velocity and point of impact. The FMJ is constructed with a durable, copper jacketed bullets designed to stay with the leads on impact.

Alternatively, the V-Crown stacked hollow points are created for personal defense situations and deliver a coated, nickel plated case. Sig Sauer says muzzle velocity for both Sig 365 115 grain V-Crown and FMJ loads measures around 1,050 feet-per-second from the 3.1-inch barrel of the company’s latest handgun, the Sig P365.

The FMJ uses a copper jacket and is designed to shoot like the V-Crown. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

“Sig 365 Elite Performance Ammunition is designed for exceptional performance in the new Sig P365 and other short barrel pistols,” Bud Fini, Executive Vice President of the Sig Sauer Ammunition Division and Special Projects, said in a news release. “Sig 365 FMJ ammunition is an affordable, high-performance training load, while the award-winning Sig V-Crown stacked hollow point ammunition is exceptionally effective for personal defense, delivering outstanding accuracy, reliable uniform expansion and maximum terminal performance.”

The ammo meets the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s protocol test requirements and is manufactured to SAAMI specifications. The Sig 365 Elite Performance Ammunition is available from Sig with a price tag of $18 for a 50-round box of FMJ and $20 for a 20-round box of JHP.

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