Police release body camera footage of Vegas shooter's hotel suite (VIDEO)

A court order forced police to release body camera footage from the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel suite this week.

A Nevada Supreme Court judge denied the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s motion to withhold a trove of public records related to the investigation after the Associated Press and multiple media outlets filed suit for the documents last year.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo apologized to victims during a press conference Tuesday for the trauma the footage may cause and expressed grave concerns about the impact of the release on the department’s final report, due later this year.

“What is seen on those videos in no way changes the facts that we were able to clarify for you shortly after the crime,” he said.

The videos — totaling more than 150 minutes — show officers responding to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Oct. 1 where an alleged gunman remains holed-up after murdering 58 people and injuring hundreds others on the strip below.

Clips released by the Associated Press show a disheveled two-room suite with semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines lying around. Officers can be heard discussing wiring the gunman strung up for a camera system he used to keep track of police inside the hotel. Another clip shows the gunman’s head surrounded by a pool of blood, according to the Associated Press.

“I don’t know what that is, but there’s a wire there,” an officer is heard saying in the video as he turns toward the door. “He put cameras up on the peepholes and all that. That’s what these wires are.”

The department will release more documents related to the investigation — including 911 calls, evidence logs and interview reports — in the coming weeks, Lombardo said.

“The preparation and release of these records is a monumental task,” he said in a news release Tuesday. “Detectives from various assignments will be assembled to assist in going over reports and camera footage and getting them ready for release. Per the court order, certain aspects of these items require redactions to comply with privacy concerns.”

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