Best Damn Gun releases two new adjustable stocks for precision and long range

Best Damn Gun now offers the PRS stock, left, and ELR stock, right, to long range shooters. (Photo: Best Damn Gun)

Best Damn Gun adds new adjustable stocks to its lineup of shooting accessories for Precision Rifle Series and Extreme Long Range competitors.

Both stocks offer an adjustable height Airtech Limbsaver recoil pad with an adjustable cheek rest featuring 3.75-inches of height adjustment. This grants shooters better sight alignment with long range scopes and an adjustable length of pull to accommodate a variety of shooters.

Though the stocks bear a resemblance, they offer a few differing characteristics. Most notably, the PRS stock is a skeletonized design crafted to reduce weight. It features a gentle sloping bag riser that slides onto the bag so users can make minor adjustments.

The ELR stock is a solid construction with extra mass in the bag riser so as to counteract recoil. The ELR comes with a scalloped bag riser in order to maintain position on the bag for consistent follow up shots.

“We started this new project for a shooter whose target is set at 5,000+ yards. The base of his scope is over 3-inches above the action, with the help of a custom picatinny riser and Coldshot M.O.A.B. We needed a way to get his cheek up that high too,” Dave Wilt, BDG President, said in a press release. “Together with a custom height Kydex cheek rest from Matthew’s Fabrication, we developed a new ELR stock that gives shooters a lot of adjustment capability.”

He added, “These stocks were designed to fit our chassis system but can also be used on AR-10 rifles.”

Both stocks are available from BDG with a MSRP of $299.

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