Golob, Liptak among new faces on NRA Board of Directors

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Golob, Liptak among new faces on NRA Board of Directors

Julie Golob is a champion pistol shooter for Team Smith & Wesson and has long been involved in the NRA Women program. (Photo: NRA)

Among the 26 people sworn in to serve new terms on the National Rifle Association’s board over the weekend was IPSC champion Julie Golob and Magpul exec Duane Liptak.

The results were announced by the NRA election committee chair at the gun rights group’s 147th Annual Meeting held last week in Dallas.

Golob, an Army veteran with over 130 titles to her name including taking the Lady Classic gold at last year’s IPSC Handgun World Shoot, is well-known in the competition community. Liptak, a Marine combat veteran, was instrumental in Magpul’s efforts to advocate against a series of gun control measures in Colorado that saw the company he is the executive vice president of move to more pro-gun states.

Other members new to the board are Gunsite Rangemaster Il Ling New, Pursue the Wild star Kristy Titus and Lois & Clark actor Dean Cain who is an avid gun enthusiast. The addition of Golob, Titus, and New, coupled with the election of six-time Olympian Kim Rhode to a full three-year term, bring several high-profile women involved in the shooting sports to the board.

Of the group elected as a whole, most were long-term members who have served on the board for years and included such recognizable gun culture icons as Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms and Soldier of Fortune founder Col. Robert K. Brown.

The members confirmed to seats on the 76-person board, listed by the number of votes cast by lifetime members and annual members with five consecutive years on the book, are:

1. Ronnie Barrett
2. Carrie Lightfoot
3. Wayne Anthony Ross
4. Duane Liptak, Jr.
5. Julie Golob
6. Don Saba
7. Robert K. Brown
8. Carolyn D. Meadows
9. Timothy Knight
10. Robert A. Nosler
11. Kim Rhode
12. William H. Satterfield
13. Edie P. Fleeman
14. Owen Buz Mills
15. Kristy Titus
16. Bill Miller
17. Maria Heil
18. John C. Sigler
19. Scott L. Bach
20. Dean Cain
21. William A. Bachenberg
22. Il Ling New
23. David G. Coy
24. Joel Friedman
25. David A. Keene

Ronald L. Schmeits was elected to serve the two remaining years of the late R. Lee. Ermey’s term.

Among those on the ballot who failed to gain enough votes for a spot on the board were longtime and often polarising member Grover Norquist who was running for reelection and Pennsylvania attorney Adam Kraut.

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