A quick and easy mag pouch fix, courtesy of the Marines (VIDEO)

Recently, the U.S. Marines adopted Magpul’s PMAG M3 as a standard magazine but the standard issue mag pouches, made for metal body magazines, didn’t quite fit. There is a fix.

As outlined in the above spot by CWO4 Jesse M. Schertz, the Camp Lejeune-based 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner, all you need is an ammo can full of water, a couple of pens, and some determination to make it work.

Last December Magpul won a $12 million contract to supply the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps with PMAGs. This came after the Marines had, after a four-year testing evolution, adopted their MCT PMAG for use in all of their 5.56mm platforms. In government-administered tests, the PMAG reportedly cycled 20,400 rounds of M855A1 ammo without any magazine-related stoppages.

Apparently, nobody said anything about pouches, though.

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