A family outing with the venerable Browning BL 22 rimfire cowboy gun (VIDEO)

A simple and arguably elegant little lever-action carbine that has been popular for a half-century, the BL 22 only seems to get better with age.

The BL 22 has a special place in Browning’s history as it was the first firearm made for the company by the legendary BC Miroku company of Kochi, Japan, who up until then had only worked with one of Browning’s biggest competitors on the American SXS and OAU shotgun market — Charles Daly.

With its short 33-degree lever throw and a tubular mag that holds .22 shorts, longs and long rifle loadings, the lightweight and easy handling rimfire have garnered a legion of fans over the generations. Said fans include the entire Mixup98 crew who take turns with a vintage and well-liked BL 22 in the above video.

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