Winchester to now offer USA Forged ammo in 50- and 1,000-round boxes

Winchester delivers new box offerings for its value driven USA Forged handgun ammunition. (Photo: Winchester)

Winchester is adding to its series of USA Forged ammunition, now offering 50-round boxes and 1,000-round stackable cases of the steel shellcase pistol ammo.

Originally introduced in 2016, the USA Forged ammunition offers an American made steel shellcase design with brass jacketed lead core full metal jacket bullet. The ammo is designed for use in a all firearms on all ranges, Winchester says.

A “value priced” ammo, according to the ammunition maker, the USA Forged lineup is specifically designed for shooters on a budget.

The 50-round and 1,000-round boxes join the current 150-round offering. (Photo: Winchester)

“USA Forged is ideal for shooters who want to spend less on ammunition so they can spend more time on the range,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales for Winchester Ammunition in a press release. “Meeting the needs of our customers is always top of mind and this new 50-pack is a simple way to do just that.”

Winchester says the steel shellcase design lends itself to easier cleaning as the cases can be easily picked up by a magnet.

Available in 9mm, the new 50-round and 1,000-round boxes join the company’s current 150-round box offering. Though no prices have been announced on the new offerings, the 150-round box retails for around $30.

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