Hammered brass, natural wood highlight this custom .45-70 AR (PHOTOS)

You don't run across one of these everyday. (Photos: RMTC)

You don’t run across one of these everyday. (Photos: RMTC)

Longmont, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Tactical Coatings recently finished a Phoenix Weaponry .45-70 AR rifle that is sure to turn heads.

The deluxe edition semi-auto, posted to RMTC’s social media account, is ready to ship and includes what they bill is a hammered brass style finish and natural wood furniture.

If you are curious about the caliber, Phoenix Weaponry’s .45-70 Auto is a rebated-rimmed version of the classic .45-70 Government cartridge that has been around since the 1870s and has shown sub-MOA results from their rifles.

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