Julie Golob's 4th grader daughter is following in her mother's footsteps (VIDEOS)

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Julie and Madeleine Golob

Like mother, like daughter – Julie Golob's daughter tries her hand at her first shooting competition and the fourth grader talks to Julie and Natalie Foster about the experience.

Posted by NRATV on Saturday, May 12, 2018

This 4th grader loves shooting steel targets as well as feeling the rush of hitting them and has just finished her first competition.

Competing at the NSSF’s World Rimfire Championships, NRA TV caught up with renowned competition shooter Julie Golob and her daughter Madeleine, who described her time on the range as “one percent nervous and 99 percent excited.”

Using a modded Smith & Wesson Victory .22LR, the braces-clad Madeleine said the only thing that kept her experience from being a perfect “10” was the waiting involved.

And for those curious about what the more senior Golob is competing with these days, she details her 57-ounce NRA Action Pistol Open Division Bianchi Gun below.

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