Revolver EDC with Chris Broward, GM of Banana Bay Tactical (VIDEO) stopped by Banana Bay Tactical in Austin a few weeks back to take a look at what this surplus store had to offer. There we met up with Chris Browder, who is the GM of the store. He showed us his revolver EDC setup. To start things off Browder likes to carry the Zero Tolerance 0350 knife. This knife features the company’s patented SpeedSafe assisted opening system. The blade is S30V stainless steel with a non-reflective DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. The DLC coating, in addition to being non-reflective, also makes the blade stronger. Browder can attest to this as he says he does everything from cutting to prying with ease. He also likes the big sweeping blade, which he says takes an edge really nicely.

Moving on to the revolver and holster. He carries his Taurus revolver in a Blackhawk! Serpa holster. Browder knows the objections to Serpa holsters but he thinks that if you’re able to use an index finger you should be able to figure out how to use the Serpa holster. The reason Browder chooses his revolver over a semi-auto for EDC is because he doesn’t predict himself to get into a situation where he’s handling multiple attackers or dealing with a firefight where he’d need multiple magazines. The other nice thing about revolvers for EDC, according to Browder, is that revolvers don’t jam, and because of its hammerless design it won’t get caught up on clothing when you need to draw. Finally, If you need more than five rounds to solve your problem “you probably shouldn’t be carrying a weapon in the first place and should rely more on your feet” he says.

The revolver is also outfitted with a Crimson Trace laser which he has sighted in at approximately 10-15 feet. He thinks that this will help him, especially in defense when in a vehicle, because he doesn’t have to aim as much. Once he sees the laser he will be able to know he’s on target and take the shot.

The last thing Browder considers part of his EDC is his keys, on which he has an emergency whistle. This will signal help if he’s in a dire situation and needs to get someones help. Besides being able to signal help he also can grip the whistle for more reinforcement if he needs to go hand to hand in a close quarters situation.

What do you think of Broward’s EDC setup? Do you agree with his stance on revolvers over semi-autos? Let us know in the comments below!

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