A beautiful water-cooled Swedish machine gun in the hands of The Gunny and Co. (VIDEO)

Exhibition shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss joins the iconic R. Lee Ermey to talk about and fire the rarely-seen Swedish Kulspruta m/36.

A variant of the water-cooled Browning M1917, the 57-pound Ksp m/36 was adopted by the Swedish military just before WWII and was — as evidenced by its Great War trench-combat origin — one of the most reliable sustained-fire machine guns invented.

Originally chambered in the same 6.5x55mm cartridges that Swedish Mausers fired, most were chambered for the spicier 8x63mm m/32 machine gun round– although the one that KJW and The Gunny have has been converted to an easier to find .30-06.

While some 7,600 were produced for Sweden by 1944, just five are here in the States.

It’s great to see Ermey again, and Weiss told Guns.com last month she had several projects planned with the venerable drill instructor that were cut short by his untimely passing.

If you are looking for more info on the m/36, check out Forgotten Weapons where Ian McCollum has everything to include a manual on the Scandavavian Browning as well as O. Janson’s Gotavapen site on Swedish weapons. You’ll be glad you did.

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