Gunwerks releases new premium, rifle brass line

Gunwerks adds a new Premium Rifle Brass line to its catalogue. (Photo: Gunwerks)

Gunwerks announced its branching out, adding an all new, premium rifle brass line to its long range shooting solutions. Designed for precision shooters, the Gunwerks Premium Rifle Brass offers consistency lot to lot with extremely tight tolerances.

“Consistency is key,” Mike Davidson, Director of Manufacturing Operations at Gunwerks, said in a press release. “Precision shooters and reloaders need components that eliminate or minimize variables in the equation. This new brass will produce the most consistent ammo available either in our Gunwerks loaded ammo or in your own hand loads. We don’t cut corners, so you know if we’re loading it in our own ammo, it’s good stuff.”

The brass is available in a variety of calibers. (Photo: Gunwerks)

Chief Operating Officer James Christiansen said that creating its own brass will only help Gunwerks maintain its stringent policy on producing high quality materials for consumers.

“Engineering our own brass achieves a few goals,” Christiansen said in a statement. “First, it will improve quality and consistency. We have always sought out the best components available for our loaded ammunition. With this move, we can more tightly control tolerances and quality to produce the best brass and ammunition available.”

Available in quantities of 100 directly from Gunwerks, the brass comes in a zippered, reusable pouch. Brass offerings currently include 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Win Mag, .300 RUM, .338 RUM and.338 Lapua Mag with prices starting at $71 and topping out at $214.


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