TacStar adds Carbon Fiber Mag Extensions for Mossberg and Benelli shotguns

The Carbon Fiber Mag Extensions add extra rounds to both Benelli and Mossberg shotguns. (Photo: TacStar)

TacStar recently debuted new shotgun accessories, adding Carbon Fiber Magazine Extensions for both Benelli and Mossberg shotguns.

The Carbon Fiber Mag Extensions deliver a “unbeatable strength to weight ratio,” according to TacStar. Averaging four times lighter than comparable steel extension tubes, the Carbon Fiber set up delivers durability in addition to weight saving.

The mag extensions are lighter than traditional extensions. (Photo: TacStar)

“These extensions are about four times lighter than traditional steel tubes; however, they are much stronger,” TacStar said in a news release. “The carbon fiber offers durability and toughness to go along with lightweight, making it the perfect material for extension tubes.”

The mag extensions boast a high visibility follower, machined from solid aluminum, to improve overall feeding in addition to a barrel magazine clamp. Extensions are available in seven-, eight- and 10-shot capacities with the seven-shot adding two rounds, the eight-shot adding rounds and the 10-shot adding five rounds to overall capacity on Benelli and Mossberg shotguns.

TacStar says the extensions, which are easy to install, are in stock through Lyman and retail for $79.

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