Russians, balloons, and all the range safety violations you could imagine (VIDEO)

This clip is great if you are a fan of odd Russian small arms. Not so great if you are a fan of safety.

The demonstrators in the above video — clad in very U.S.-style MultiCam pattern camo, the latest in ballistic shields and high-cut MICH helmets — work for the Russian-based munitions firm Kalashnikov Concern and are showing off for a foreign delegation visiting the factory.

Pushing through a set of posed scenarios you see the company’s AK-style Vityaz submachine gun (which U.S.-based Kalashnikov Concern has promised domestically as the semi-auto KR-9 carbine) and Yarygin PYa handguns.

Of note, the Yarygins are fitted with threaded barrels, RMR sights and weapon mounted lights, the latter very SureFire-like. You know what they say about imitation and flattery.

As for the range antics, do not try these at home and always remember, safety first.

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