A look a Glock-centric EDC set up with a lot of thought put into it (VIDEO)

Based around a well-modded Glock, Nick at Practically Tactical said this is his every day carry rig.

On the rundown is a G17 Gen 4 with a Trijicon RMR 06 and co-witnessed suppressor-height night sights. The gun is stippled and has an Overwatch Precision DAT flat-faced trigger. The holster is a COACH model that Nick said he uses to carry the big G17 with no printing. The gun also has a safety feature in a Tau Development Group Striker Control Device, for which your mileage may vary.

Illum is provided by a weapon-mounted SureFire X300U-A while a Thyrm Switchback-equipped Streamlight HL-X is a pocket light. Then, of course, comes the extra goodies such as TUFF mag pouches, one of Craig Douglas’ ShivWorks Clinch Picks, and a med kit that includes not one but two tourniquets!

With all that stuff, how does he really carry it all? That’s where the below video comes in. He warns that it is unflattering.

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