Range Point releases new CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights

The CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sight aims to bring better accuracy to the peep sight market. (Photo: Range Point)

Range Point expands its series of rifle parts and accessories with the introduction of its latest peep sights, the CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights.

The peep sight ships with one base with windage screw in addition to an aperture spring with elevation screw, two mounting screws and an Allen wrench. The sight offers a low-profile design with a snag-free winged base. Low aperture height elevations and clearly marked, scope-like windage and elevation adjustments pair with the CloverLeaf aperture. The aperture delivers a large, bright target picture that also boasts precision like accuracy, according to Range Point.

“The peep sight has been mired in compromise and this sight looks to stop that. Traditional receiver mounted rear sights are too tall, forcing you to go on a hunt for a suitable front sight when you’d rather be hunting. Delicate aperture stems are exposed to rough handling and prone to snagging. Course adjustments use fiddly double set screws that often vibrate loose,” the company said in a statement. “At Ranger Point Precision, we believe that bad traditions should be rethought. The design team that brought you the innovative M/94 Extractor now brings you a brilliant new sighting solution. We didn’t negotiate. We didn’t compromise. We crushed it.”

Range Point offers a range a of options for the CloverLeaf peep Sight. (Photo: Range Point)

The CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sight is available for the following firearms:

  • Marlin 336
  • Marlin 308
  • Marlin 338
  • Marlin 444
  • Marlin 1894
  • Marlin 1895
  • Marlin 450M
  • Henry H009 30-30
  • Henry H010 45/70

Raner Point sa the Marlin 39A and Henry Big Boy Steel will be added to the list of compatible firearms in the near future.

The Range Point CloverLeaf receiver Peep Sight is up for grabs from Range Point with a MSRP of $119.

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