Real Avid designs AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool for the AR platform

The Pivot Pin Tool allows users to install pivot pins on rifles with ease. (Photo: Real Avid)

Real Avid introduces a new tool to its catalogue of AR-15 accessories, introducing the AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool.

The Pivot Pin Tool alleviates the stress and strain of installing a pivot pin on rifles. Real Avid says the design allows users to simply align the guide, insert the spring and detent pin, then slide the pivot pin into the proper position.

“Flying springs and detents are now a thing of the past. If you would rather spend your time building and not looking for pins, this is the product for you,” Real Avid said in a press release. “The ingenious design makes the tedious job of installing the pivot pin so easy; you’ll think it’s cheating.”

The Pivot Pin Tool is part of a series of tools Real Avid has steadily launched over the past year. The tools look to ease some of the headache of working on the AR-15 platform, making servicing of rifles a little easier.

The AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool is currently available from Real Avid with a price tag set at just under $10.

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