UTG introduces Accu-Sync 45 Degree Flip-up Sights

The sights are mounted at a 45 degree angle to allow the use of magnified optics. (Photo: UTG)

UTG adds a new flip-up sight to its inventory of firearm accessories, launching the Accu-Sync 45 Degree Flip-up Sights. The sights offer a 45-degree offset, allowing users to mount magnified optics, canting their rifle inward to achieve a sight picture with the Accu-Sync.

“Having both magnified and non-magnified means of target acquisition allows the shooter to engage at both long and close range target engagements, something in-line backup iron sights cannot do when paired with a larger magnified optic,” UTG said in a news release. “The transition is quick to learn and going back and forth between the two is intuitive and is painstakingly simple compared to previous means in the past.”

The sights flip down for easy storage and lock into place when flipped up. (Photo: UTG)

The sights flip down for storage with the ability to quickly flip up into place when needed. The aluminum sights deliver tool-less windage and elevation adjustments. The front sight features a thinner front sight post that utilizes an adjustment wheel to offer elevation adjustment. The rear, on the other hand, provides dual aiming aperture, using a side mounted low profile thumb wheel for fine tuning.

Finishing in matte black, the sights mount to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails with a low-profile locking plate for a reliable zero hold. MSRP on each sight, front and rear, is $37.

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