Pitting two magnum revolvers against each other: .357 vs 44 (VIDEO)

Just how big a difference is it between the two calibers when compared to similar loads from similar wheel guns?

Paul Harrell does the yeoman job of trying to stack the two classic revolver magnum calibers against each other by using commercially available loadings with 180-grain projectiles. To balance the guns, he uses a Smith & Wesson Model 29 in .44 and a companion S&W Model 686-6 in .357 — both big Smiths with 6-inch barrels.

Then comes Chrono data, followed up with a few spicier loadings more catered to the calibers’ performance envelope. And for the masses, there is a round of destructive testing against some $2 concrete cinder blocks and with gross combination targets made of fruit, meat, and fabric. The latter gets kinda nasty:

Like two-fingers in a rack of perforated ribs nasty

In short, take your time with this one if you are a fan of either caliber– or just hate ribs.

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