Shooting the textbook example of a well-made service pistol: The Sig P210 (VIDEO)

A cherry 1951-vintage Swiss Border Guard 9mm pistol proves it can still ring steel and look good doing it.

Designed as the Swiss Army’s Pistole 49 just after WWII, the 210 has been an archetypal showcasing of Central European craftsmanship for generations and has more recently been embraced on this side of the pond — though supply is far less than demand.

This inequity in available stocks prompted Sig to put it back into production here in the states while Kriss USA has begun importing and selling vintage original Swiss m/49s under its newly created division, Edelweiss Arms.

Eric from IV8888 really seems starstruck by the one on loan through Edelweiss in the above video and it’s hard to blame him.

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