V Seven Weapon Systems launches .308 Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards

06/1/18 11:30 AM | by

The Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards offer both M-LOK and KeyMod, pictured above, options. (Photo: V Seven Weapon Systems)

V Seven Weapon Systems debuts new handguards, releasing the Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards in both M-LOK and KeyMod configurations for .308 chambered rifles.

The handguards are available in four total lengths measuring 10.75-inches, 13.5-inches, 15-inches and 16.5-inches respectively. Finished using a plasma deposition process the handguards feature a durable ceramic-style coating. The special process delivers better wear resistance than traditional anodizing, according to V Seven. ZThe Magnesium Hyper-Light handguards tip the scales between 5 and 7 ounces and offer three QD swivel mounting points.

The handguard in M-LOK configuration. (Photo: V Seven Weapon Systems)

“With most .308 rifles weighing quite a bit more than their AR-15 counterpart, end users have been looking for ways to shed some weight wherever possible,” V Seven said in a press release. “The Hyper-Light family of handguards are manufactured from a blended aluminum and magnesium alloy which yields an approximately 30-percent reduction in material weight compared to commonly used 6061 aluminum.”

Both KeyMod and M-LOK Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards are available through V Seven’s website with prices starting at around $300.

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