Birchwood Casey rolls out The Spoiler Alert Target for rimfire shooters

The Spoiler Alert Target makes a loud noise when shooters place hits on target. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Birchwood Casey introduced a new steel target to its lineup, releasing The Spoiler Alert Target for rimfire target shooters.

The Spoiler Alert Target, constructed from 1/4-inch steel, allow rimfire fans the opportunity to visually and aurally receive instant feedback on shot placement. Hits on the target are loud, alerting shooters of accurate shot placement.

Standing 14.5-inches tall, with two integrated legs with swiveling supports, the target offers a 6-inch diameter. The Spoiler Alert Target is a stable system, says Birchwood Casey, featuring a portable design that can be used alongside .22 chambered firearms.

โ€œThe new World of Targets Spoiler Alert Target from Birchwood Casey provides shooters loud and instant feedback,โ€ Birchwood Casey said in a press release. โ€œThe Spoiler Alert Target is designed for rimfire shooters and is constructed of 1/4-inch AR400 steel, which will provide users of trouble free service.โ€

Made in the USA, The Spoiler Alert Target is available from Birchwood Casey with a price tag of $70.

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