The Franken-Mosin Project: Turning a $25 barreled receiver into a shootable rifle

Lucking into a bargain at Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, the Never Enough Ammo gun channel went down the rabbit hole on a Mosin-Nagant build out.

Starting with a Chinese Type 53 barreled receiver (itself Norinco’s version of the classic Soviet M44 Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54R) for a song, he adds an aftermarket ATI stock in woodland brown and a table full of surplus parts from Numrich to craft a decent little carbine. In the end, he’s happy with it for a truck gun.

If you are left with questions on the ATI stock with the M44, check out the below vid where he adds the folding bayonet for those pig-sticking or javelin-throwing moments.

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