Mojo Outdoors Pick Stick now shipping to dealers and ranges

Mojo Outdoors’ Pick Stick allows users to easily and efficiently pick up shotgun hulls. (Photo: Mojo Outdoors)

Mojo Outdoors announced its Pick Stick, a device used to pick up shotgun hulls, is once again shipping to dealers, ranges and shooting facilities.

Developed to reduce the stress and strain of hand picking shotgun hulls in the field, Mojo’s Pick Stick utilizes a magnet mounted to an adjustable “staff” to allow users to pick up as many as 25 hulls at one time. The hulls can then be easily raked off into a bag, bucket or tub for easier disposal. Adjusting from 32 1/2-inches up to 55 1/2-inches, the Pick Stick offers a comfortable handle for use. The device works in both water and on dry land, according to Mojo.

“We knew from the start that this product would be a popular one owing to how useful and user friendly it is to hunters and shooters alike, but the response has been beyond our expectation, and we have ramped up our distribution of this product,” Terry Denmon, President and CEO of Mojo, said in a news release.

The Pick Stick is available online through Mojo or through dealers nationwide. MSRP on the Pick Stick is $34.

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