Up close with the spicy and pricey FK BRNO 7.5 (VIDEO)

The 7.5mm FK Field Pistol isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean this bonkers long-range handgun isn’t cool to check out.

In the above review by 22 Plinkster, who is way out of the rimfire lane on this one, he gives his impression of the big single-action pistol and its 7.5x27mm bottlenecked cartridge after feeding it somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 rounds.

With a sticker price hovering around that of a good used car, the FK hails from the Czech Republic and is made for silhouette shooting at distances out to 100m although the company does mention that it can be pressed into use in “generally any pistol shooting activity and tasks that requires the ability to engage targets at longer ranges, especially with a folding stock, such as (PSD) personal security detail, urban / suburban combat, backup (SBR) short barrel rifle, Air crew survival weapon, mechanised armour crew weapon, among other uses.”

While these ship with FK’s “Butterfly” sight, Plink’s review model has an RMR, because why not. Also, if you think this 46-ounce all-steel handgun (save for aluminum grips) looks odd on the outside, wait until you get a peek at the inside.

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