Torture testing a 'cocked and locked' Colt 1911 in mud and crud (VIDEOS)

John Browning’s venerated 1911 has been around for over a century and counting, but how about you throw some sand and mud in there and see how far you get.

Tim with the Military Arms Channel chose to put the classic GI .45ACP, in this case a 80-series Colt, through his dreaded “Gauntlet” test stoked with 230-grain Fiocchi ball while in Condition One, which is fully loaded with a round in the chamber and the thumb safety engaged, as that is how most people carry these classic guns.

Not to spoil the video for you, but the trouble starts early, especially when it gets to the mud stage, however, be sure to stick around for a trick to avoid the dreaded “idiot mark” at the 16~ minute mark.

For a similar test run, check out Ian and Karl with InRange running a gooey mud test on a 1911 below from a while back.

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