OutWest Systems debuts SharpShot EZ-Trainer for laser practice

OutWest Systems launches a new laser training system on Kickstarter. (Photo: OutWest Systems)

OutWest Systems introduces the new SharpShot EZ-Trainer, a laser-operated training system created for smartphones and tablets.

The SharpShot EZ-Trainer boasts a self-contained target holding box where users can insert an NRA target or 8.5×11-inch paper target for laser gun practice. From there, the smart phone/tablet app allows users to see hits in real-time. OutWest Systems says the unit works with any visible laser firing device.

The SharpShot app records hits that instantly pop-up on portable devices in addition to tracking order and time for each hit. Information can be saved indefinitely to compare results from practice to practice.

“We put thousands of hours into developing it,” OutWest Systems President Paul Weissler said in a news release, “and we succeeded in creating a simple yet state-of-the-art portable wireless system that shows exact hits on a smart phone or tablet with almost any make of laser and firearm.”

The SharpShot EZ-Trainer works indoors with up to five SharpShot target holder boxes linked through the app itself. Specialized training exercises are included with the app to add some spice to practice sessions.

The SharpShot EZ-Trainer is currently up on Kickstarter with special pricing available for early backers. When it hits the streets, the unit is expected to retail for $350.

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