Black Aces Tactical shows off custom Remington 1100 Shockwave semi-auto (VIDEOS)

What’s not to like about a semi-auto 12 gauge with a 12-inch barrel that transfers for a $5 tax stamp? In the above, Eric Lemoine with Black Aces shows off one of their AOW Shockwave builds. The 4+1 capacity vintage (the example used in the video is a 1983 production model) Remmy 1100 has been chopped and tuned to run just fine with a foot-long barrel and a Shockwave grip. “All that means for you is a $5 fee for your Form 4 and a little bit of patience,” Lemoine says. Here it is with an extended mag tube for 6+1 capacity.

They also offer the same with a pistol grip. Observe:

The offering is part of their “Vintage” line of Remington 1100s that “harkens back to the days of quality because in fact, they were manufactured during the days of quality,” and uses older guns “manufactured during the good years, the late 1960s through the mid-1980s. The age when billet and forged were the names of the game, and MIM was a fancy work for Die Cast.”

Black Aces upgrades the piston assembly and lifter latch spring; adds new seals and does some other black magic to get these old duck guns to run short and lean for a price of $949 plus stamps. They also upcycle those old wooden furniture 1100s as well, such as this beaut of an SBS (which would be a $200 stamp).

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And you thought all we did was pump action…

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