Armed suspect in multiple carjackings killed by Walmart shopper legally carrying firearm (VIDEO)

Police in Washington say armed civilians brought a halt to a carjacking spree that left multiple crime scenes, two injured and a suspect dead.

According to the Tumwater Police Department, the incident unfolded early Sunday evening when officers responded to a report of a carjacking with shots fired and found a 16-year-old driver with non-life threatening injuries who reported their car had been stolen at gunpoint.

Police then responded to another call at the local Walmart after the suspect, Tim Day, 44, reportedly entered the store and fired shots at a display case to obtain ammunition. This sparked the attention of legally armed shoppers.

“Two shoppers in the store were legally carrying firearms and heard the shots,” police said. “The shoppers observed the suspect with a gun, and followed him to the parking lot.”

There, Day tried to carjack another vehicle in the parking lot and ended up shooting the driver when the man did not comply.

“The suspect then approached a second car and driver. When the driver backed away, one of the armed citizens shot the suspect who died at the scene,” said police, who advise the unidentified 47-year-old man from nearby Oakville who shot Day then proceeded to administer first aid to those on scene before paramedics arrived.

Day has a lengthy criminal history, including violations of a domestic-violence protection order, felony assault and making death threats, The Seattle Times reported.

Brian Adams, a shopper present for the gunplay who took cover behind vehicles in the Walmart parking lot, hailed the armed civilian who stopped Day as a hero. “This guy could have taken out more people, wounded or killed,” Adams said.

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