Hudson Manufacturing releases threaded barrel for H9

The H9 threaded barrel gives consumers the ability to mount a can or compensator at the end of the H9 pistol. (Photo: Hudson Mfg.)

Hudson Manufacturing brings a new accessory to the H9 market, launching a 1/2×28 threaded barrel for the H9.

Using a premium nitride finish, the drop-in barrel allows H9 shooters to pop their favorite suppressor or compensator onto the end of the pistol for a more interesting shooting experience. The threaded barrel utilizes Hudson Mfg.’s patent-pending barrel design that has been tested alongside the H9 to “outperform industry standards.”

To mount a can, Hudson said users need a Nielsen style device for standard suppressor configurations. In addition, the gun maker recommends subsonic ammo for an optimal suppressed environment.

The drop-in barrel features a 1/2×28 thread pitch and ships with a thread protector. (Photo: Hudson Mfg.)

“This drop-in factory barrel provides the opportunity to mount your favorite can for polite shooting or your favorite compensator for rude, but arguably more fun endeavors,” Hudson said in a statement.

The H9 debuted in early 2017, capturing the attention of consumers with its unique blend of a semi-auto striker-fired style paired with crisp, 1911 trigger. The H9 threaded barrel is available from Hudson Mfg. with a MSRP of $227.

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