Morpheus Watches offers sniper themed automatic watches

The Sniper Series introduces small nuances into the watch design that pay homage to sniper rifles. (Photo: Morpheus Watches)

Morpheus Watches brings some gun style flare to its automatic watch lineup, announcing the new Sniper Series watches.

The Sniper Series features 48mm timepieces coded by caliber, each decked out in its own distinctive color. Offering target reticles on the crown and case back, the watch adds AR handles for the crown protector in addition to caliber on date of the week. A Picatinny rail texture on the dial face rounds out the design.

“The 26 jewel watches feature power reserve, GMT, non-reflective sapphire crystal, luminous hands, screw in crown, and exhibition case back,” Morpehus Watches said in a news release.

The Sniper Series is only offered for a limited time, with 200 models made for purchase. (Photo: Morpheus Watches)

The Sniper Series is a limited edition series with only 200 offered for purchase. The Sniper Series watches come packed in a custom hard case alongside a tactical pen. If Sniping isn’t quite your area, the watch company also features a 1911 .45 Auto Watch as well as a M1A2 Watch.

The limited edition Sniper Series doesn’t come cheap. The watches retail for $750, though Morpheus currently has a sale listing them at $545.

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