Thompson Auto-Ordnance swaps up their 1911A1 game with a 9mm model (PHOTOS)

If you are looking for a U.S-made 9mm M1911A1 with venerable GI styling, Thompson Auto-Ordnance just delivered (Photos: Kahr)

Greeley, Pennsylvania-based Kahr announced this week that their Auto-Ordnance subsidiary is now making 9mm-chambered M1911 models.

Describing it as a “response to growing interest and customer demands,” the new variant looks much like their standard single-action 1911BK0 series complete with checkered plastic grips, a 5-inch barrel, and an 8.5-inch overall length. Rounding out the features on the more or less GI-spec .45ACP-turned-9mm are the standard thumb, grip, and firing pin safeties as well as a blade front and drift adjustable rear sight. There is even the frame-mounted lanyard ring.

The biggest difference, besides caliber, is that the flush-fit magazines have a nine-round capacity rather than the .45’s traditional 7-shots.

The gun makes a good companion to Thompson’s 9mm-chambered Model T5-9L20 Tommy Gun carbine introduced last year.

MSRP on the new parabellum 1911 is $673 which is likely to be lower when encountered at the dealer level. As a bonus, for those looking to go Commander-length while keeping the 9mm caliber, Auto-Ordnance says they are planning a version with a 4.25-inch barrel.

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