Royal Armouries moves to save Star Wars blasters for public museum (VIDEO)

Crafted from Sterling submachine guns, the Royal Armouries in Leeds is making an effort to acquire a set of Star War blasters, used by each side in the conflict.

The opening battle of Episode IV: A New Hope, ironically features modded Sterlings used by both the Rebels and Imperial Storm Troopers.

The Rebel DH-17 compared to the Imperial EH-11 blaster (Photos: The Royal Armouries)

The museum says the pair are from the original Star Wars film franchise, modified by Bapty & Co. from 1950s vintage Sterling SMGs assembled for use in 1980’s Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The Royal Armouries, who already have an M-41A Pulse rifle as used in Aliens, says it is important to preserve and display these film guns alongside their more traditional collection of 75,000 weapons and armor, rather than have them disappear into some wealthy private collector’s man cave.

“As we encounter arms and armour on a regular basis in films, television, literature and art, our perceptions regarding these pieces are often coloured by what we read, see or hear,” says the museum as part of their effort to secure the blasters. “These elaborate props and costumes can inspire and intrigue us.”

If successful, the museum will put the relics from a long time ago on display in 2019.

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