Seekins Precision ProComp 10X stock now available and shipping

The ProComp 10X stock from Seekins Precision is now shipping to consumers. (Photo: Seekins Precision)

Seekins Precision says its ProComp 10X stock is now officially up for grabs, announcing that the newest stock is available for order and now shipping.

The ProComp 10X was announced earlier this year, but was only available for pre-order. Constructed from high impact polymer, the ProComp 10X stock pairs with all Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles. Mounting to rifle-length receiver extension tubes, the stock delivers ArmorBlak coating on all steel parts. Tipping scales at 19.8-ounces, the stock offers three anti-rotation QD sling swivel mounts.

The stock, designed and made in the U.S., features a rigid yet lightweight adjustment cheek and recoil pad in addition to a rubber recoil pad to better absorb recoil and allow for faster follow-up shots. Cheek adjustments are made using the stock’s dual push button and clamping system which locks the piece into the desired position. The recoil pad can be user adjusted due to a spacer system. Each stock ships with two 1/4-inch spacers.

The stock comes with two 1/4-inch spacers to allow for some adjustments. (Photo: Seekins Precision)

“The 10x is intended to act as a stable link between shooter and rifle to ensure that confidence is paired with each shot,” the company said in a statement. The ProComp 10X stock is available from Seekins Precision with a MSRP of $195.

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